The Poker Academy 12-Week Challenge

The Poker Academy is excited to announce the launch of our 12-Week Challenge!

We also will be hosting a free webinar series to support our students during the challenge.  Click here to sign up.

We are going to be flying some of our students out to compete in the 2016 WSOP. We will be putting them up for 3 nights at the Rio and buying them into a $1000 NL Bracelet Event.

Here are the details:

  • Sign up for our No-Limit Tournament Course HERE.  You can buy the entire course all at once, or you can buy the course one session at a time.
  • As you complete each Session, send us a short email (around 50 words) to telling us what you liked about that Session and how you think it will improve your game.
  • When you complete the entire Course, send us a 150-200 word testimonial telling us how our course has made you a better player. If you’ve implemented some of the strategies with some success, tell us about that as well!
  • All final testimonial entries must be received by us no later than May 1st 2016.  We will review them and choose one entry for every twenty-five we receive and that person will represent The Poker Academy at the 2016 World Series of Poker!
  • At least one winner is guaranteed regardless of the number of entries received! Winner will receive roundtrip airfare to Las Vegas, Nevada from their home airport (Up to $400 value), three nights stay at the Rio hotel, and a buy-in to a $1000 NLH event at the 2016 WSOP.

We will be judging all entries based on the following criteria:

  • Completeness of entry – you must send us a total of twelve short testimonials (one for each session that you complete), as well as one long testimonial at the completion of the course to receive consideration for entry.
  • Level of improvement – the better you’re able to show us that this course has improved your game, the more likely we are to choose you to represent us.
  • Understanding of the concepts learned – show us that you’ve learned from the concepts we teach in the course and we’ll know that you’re going to be good at poker.
  • Implementation of the concepts learned – show us that you’ve implemented our teachings in real life situations and had success and you’ll show us that you are the kind of poker player that we want representing us at the WSOP!

If you’re already a member and you’ve already begun watching the course, no problem, you’re still eligible!  Just send us an email to and enter under the same conditions as everybody else.

Sign up for The Poker Academy with this link: and get started right now on your 12 week path to becoming a better poker player!

Full terms and conditions, as well as all of the contest rules can be found by going HERE.